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  • one of those heartfelt emails

    So… at the time of writing this I’ve been drinking. For some, way too much. For me, 1/3 of a bottle of whiskey. I’m sure there is a name for that somewhere but I’m too goddamn bothered to think of it. There are units for everything. “Let your units be your guide!” There was a […]

  • self-post

    This title works on so many levels. I think I am going to start trying to post once a week from here on, just about anything. I have been wanting to make this more… thought out I guess? That carries with it the problem of not being me though. My usual writing style is sort […]

  • København – kapitel et: dag 1

    I’m sort of slow with these things so stay with me. I’m probably going to change this a lot the more I read it too. More shall come.

  • t-minus six days

    Edit (the next day): This was a mistake.  How am I? How are you? Well, lets get into how I am: I turn 30 in six days as of this writing. As a friend said, that is nearly TWO decades on Earth. The first decade was somewhere else, probably some alternate dimension or Venus or […]

  • conversations with my father: on history

    Hey look, this place isn’t as dead as I thought! Anyways, I have a few thoughts. “About what?” you may wonder. Well, what family is; and how important respect is in these sorts of relationships. Respect is an important thing, as I feel one needs to have some sort of feeling of equality or magnanimity […]

  • the post about impostor syndrome

    Have you ever stood in line at an Arby’s and thought, “I feel like the dumbest person in here”? And while you are enjoying those curly fries and medium roast beef sandwich, you sigh internally about the fry cook behind the counter likely looking at you and thinking you’re an idiot. I mean, they slice […]

  • A begin

    This is another start. Something I did a long time ago, that I now plan on doing again. A source of mind. Something to ruminate on. Ruminate sounds a lot like urinate.