t-minus six days

Edit (the next day): This was a mistake. 

How am I?

How are you?

Well, lets get into how I am: I turn 30 in six days as of this writing. As a friend said, that is nearly TWO decades on Earth. The first decade was somewhere else, probably some alternate dimension or Venus or something.

My complexion makes sense with that latter option.

I am currently typing this in a library, which is a place I have not been to for a very long time. Hell, since I was a kid of 22 probably, doing all that collegiate stuff. Though not terribly sure why I was there at that point, since I’m certain I wasn’t doing anything related to studying. I was a good student at student stuff.

Why am I at a library? Because I’m in Copenhagen and I don’t like reading! No better way to not read than be somewhere you literally can’t read the language. Honestly I’m mostly just waiting for my check-in because I’ve been awake forever. Well, 24 hours.

There will be better posts than this. But for now… my brain isn’t working.

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